Paul Whelan has been falsely arrested, and the Whelan family needs your help to let the government know that this kind of blatant entrapment on the part of the Russians will not be tolerated.

We are not going to accept the timeline that allows the Russians to take as long as they want for an 'investigation', and then put the court dates off over and over, as we have seen done in the cases of others arrested for 'espionage'. Paul is not a spy! No govenment official of conscience should want him to suffer needlessly, as he is doing now.

The Whelan family is doing their best, but our voices alone won't make a difference.

Please consider calling your local government representatives (Congressmen, MPs, Premiers, etc.) and letting them know that you are concerned about Paul Whelan, and want to know EXACTLY what is being done to get him out of Russia.

The Embassies of the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland, have all managed to visit him, although the prison is making this as difficult as possible. The Embassies are concerned about his well-being and health, but keeping an eye on him--although welcome--isn't enough to get him out of this awful situation.

Other government agencies need to do their part, and the highest levels of government need to call out the Russians on this false imprisonment.

This is a situation that could happen to any citizen traveling abroad, and we need to know what the government plans to do.


Here's how you find your Representative in the USA

And here's a link to find your Senators

In Canada, Senators  and Members of Parliament

In the UK,

In Ireland, find your TDs and Senators

  • Another Way to Help

    Contribute to Paul's legal defense fund:
    Funds raised through GoFundMe for Paul Whelan will be used to support Paul during his time in Lefortovo Prison (for example, for his prison fund which is used to buy things like toilet paper, toothpaste, and reasonable food), to pay his legal bills, and to get him back to the United States.
    Thank you for your donation.

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