Paul Whelan is being wrongfully detained, and no government official of conscience should want him to suffer needlessly, as he is doing now.

The Whelan family is doing their best, but our voices alone won't make a difference. Please consider calling your local government representatives (Congressmen, MPs, Premiers, etc.) and letting them know that you are concerned about Paul Whelan, and want to know EXACTLY what is being done to get him out of Russia.

The Embassies of the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland, have all managed to visit him, although the Russian Federation is making this as difficult as possible. The Embassies are concerned about his well-being and health, but keeping an eye on him--although welcome--isn't enough to get him out of this awful situation. This is a situation that could happen to any citizen traveling abroad, and we need to encourage the governments to work together on Paul Whelan's behalf.


Please write to Paul Whelan! He can get cards and letters; FYI - they can take some time to get through censorship at the prison and into his hands. Paul is often able to write back, but there can be weeks and months of delay by the prison so just keep sending mail rather than waiting for a response. Paul has very few opportunities to communicate in English and your letters will keep him in touch with the world.

What to write about:
Introduce yourself, tell him about your part of the country, what's happening locally, anything that keeps him up-to-date on life in general.

Which address to use:
Mail can get to Paul either directly to the prison or via the US Embassy in Moscow. They will deliver any letters they receive when they go to visit him every couple of months.

Here is the Embassy address for Paul. The mail to the Embassy uses a regular first-class mail stamp:

Paul Whelan
American Citizen Services Unit
Consular Section
5430 Moscow Place
Department of State
Washington, DC 20521-5430

Here is the prison address for Paul. These letters will require an international stamp. You can write the address in either English or Russian, using the format below. (A tip: if you write frequently, cut and paste this info and print it out on adhesive labels or print right onto an envelope!)

431161, Russia
Mordovia Republic
Zubovo-Polyanskiy Rayon
posyolok Ozernyi, St. Lesnaya 3
Whelan Paul


431161 Russia
Республика Мордовия
Зубово-Полянский район
п. Озерный, ул. Лесная, д. 3
Уилану Полу Николасу

  • Consider a Contribution to Paul Whelan's GoFundMe

    Please contribute and support Paul Whelan during this ordeal in the Russian prisons:
    Funds raised through GoFundMe for Paul Whelan are being used to support Paul during his time in the Mordovia prison camp IK-17 (for example, for his prison fund which is used to buy things like clothing, supplies, stamps, and reasonable food, also phone card so that he can call his elderly parents), and to get him back to the United States.
    Thank you for your support and donation. Funds are administered via the Paul Whelan Legal Defense Trust.

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