UPDATE March 3, 2022 -

If you would like to send a short message to Paul at the prison camp in Mordovia, Russia, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our parents are able to speak to him on occasion and will gladly convey your good wishes and support.

(Due to the Russia- Ukraine war and subsequent flight restrictions to Russia, and the USPS suspending service to Russia, we can no longer mail letters either via the Department of State or directly to his prison address in Mordovia.

We will update this page if this status changes. Please keep Paul Whelan's wrongful detention and continued isolation in your thoughts, and contact the President and your local Congressman or woman to share your concern.)

  • Consider a Contribution to Paul Whelan's GoFundMe

    Please contribute and support Paul Whelan during this ordeal in the Russian prisons:
    Funds raised through GoFundMe for Paul Whelan are being used to support Paul during his time in the Mordovia prison camp IK-17 (for example, for his prison fund which is used to buy things like clothing, supplies, stamps, and reasonable food, also phone card so that he can call his elderly parents), and to get him back to the United States.
    Thank you for your support and donation. Funds are administered via the Paul Whelan Legal Defense Trust.

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