Day 1057 - Paul Whelan - IK-17 Mordovia Russia - November 19, 2021 - IK-17 Warden Denisov Arrested

We still have not heard from Paul (5 days without phone calls).  We are wondering if the prison's norms have been disrupted due to the chief warden, Vladimir Denisov, being arrested on bribery charges.

Press release from Mordovia Investigative Committee:

The head of the correctional colony was taken into custody on suspicion of receiving a bribe

Novaya Gazeta coverage

The head of the Mordovian IK-17, where the American Whelan is serving his sentence, was arrested in the case of a bribe

Anti-Corruption reports of IK-17 (and other FSIN) senior staff

It is hardly surprising that a prison led by an allegedly corrupt chief warden allows rules violations and theft within its walls.  We hope Denisov's arrest will improve Paul's condition at the labor colony.  Even more, we hope that this sign of illegal activity by Russian authorities will speed any US activity to gain Paul's release.