Day 1096 - Paul Whelan - IK-17 Mordovia Russia - December 28, 2021 - Three Years a Hostage

The FSB stole Paul Whelan's freedom three years ago.  Now Paul sits in a Russian labor colony, waiting for justice after being convicted in a secret trial with secret evidence.  I'm sure he waits in vain.  At least he can hope for his freedom.
It's not just the injustice of Russian hostage diplomacy.  It's the stolen years with our parents as they age, missing Christmases and birthdays and family time.  It's the stolen life, as one by one, Paul lost his job, his home, his ability to communicate and be with friends.  He lost everything he'd known.
We remind Paul that people still care about his case and his false imprisonment.  HM Consul Sarah Pilbeam from the UK Embassy visited him last week [12/21] to provide consular support and boost his morale.  The prison rejected Christmas cookies the Embassy brought but we are grateful for the effort they made to see him out in Mordovia.  Even after three years, friends and family contribute to his GoFundMe page to ensure we can support his needs in prison.  They write letters that they hope will reach him.
And, of course, the Biden Administration has raised Paul's wrongful detention in their many contacts with Russian counterparts, including by President Biden himself.  We hope that 2022 is the year that Paul's freedom is restored to him.  We look forward to his return and hope that it happens before a fourth anniversary comes around.