Day 1217 - Paul Whelan - IK-17 Mordovia Russia - April 28, 2022 - Third Congressional Resolution Passed

Yesterday, the House of Representatives unanimously approved House Resolution 336, calling for the Russian government to immediately release Paul.  We are so grateful for the leadership that the Michigan Congressional delegation has brought to these repeated resolutions.


Its partner resolution, S. Res. 165, passed the Senate last July.  Its predecessor resolution passed in the last Congress, in October 2019.  This unfailing advocacy for Paul shows how slow it can take to build support for an American hostage.  While every American citizen deserves to be freed, the more singular the challenge, the longer it may take to build the support necessary.  So we can't thank Rep. Haley Stevens and Senator Peters enough for their continued attempts at building that support, as well as the many co-sponsors from both parties and many states who helped to bring these resolutions into being. ] ]

It's a reminder, too, that although some elements of arbitrary detention can change in a moment, others have a very long, slow fuse.  And, when a resolution for Paul passes in Congress, we should take the time to appreciate how significant a show of support that is.  We hope that it gives Congress an opportunity to bolster the White House's own determination to seek Paul's unconditional release.

Fundamentally, one sovereign nation can't force a belligerent, unjust nation to return a citizen.  But Congress has sent a signal, again, to the Executive Branch as well as to the Kremlin, that Paul continues to suffer an injustice.  This advocacy and support continues to give us hope that Paul's release will someday be effected.