Day 1306 - Paul Whelan - IK-17 Mordovia Russia - July 27, 2022 - US offer to Russian Government

Like you, we are learning more today about the US government's attempts to secure Paul, and Brittney Griner's, release from wrongful detention by the Russian government.  Our family appreciates the Biden Administration seeking Paul's release using the resources it has available.  We hope the Russian government responds to the U.S. government and accepts this or some other concession that enables Paul to come home to his family.  Hopefully, no other American will be wrongfully held by the Russian government in the future.
The sooner the better.  Paul has let our parents know that about 10 prisoners have left IK-17 to go and serve on the front lines of the war in Ukraine.  Hopefully, the Russian military sticks to volunteers and not press gangs.  Paul also mentioned that all time-pieces have been confiscated.  Wall clocks have been removed, and prisoners' watches have been removed and placed in storage.  He's still required to check in, as a "flight risk", every hour and is no longer certain how to do that.  I've emailed a member of the Public Monitoring Commission about why a prison would remove time-pieces but have not heard back.