Day 1378 - Paul Whelan - IK-17 Mordovia Russia - October 6, 2022 - [Paul Whelan] Russia Continues to Act in Bad Faith

Paul has now been held hostage for 1,378 days by the Russian government [10/6/2022]. Like everyone else, we continue to wait for whatever entities inside the Russian government to make their decision about US concessions for Paul's, and for Brittney Griner's, release. Unfortunately, these Russian authorities continue to act in bad faith.

We know that, whoever the U.S. government is talking to, it's not the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As RIA/Novosti mentioned recently, a Russian diplomatic source said "не по линии внешнеполитических ведомств, а большепо линии спецслужб <>" ["not through the foreign ministries, but more through the special services."]
Some media outlets have misreported statements from the White House and suggest that there has been no response. I think there has been a response but, as White House Spokesperson Ms. Jean-Pierre has said this week, it should be a "serious" counteroffer. [White House Press Briefing, October 4, 2022 <>]
That makes me think that, whoever is involved, they're asking for additional concessions that they know the US is unable to give. Perhaps the Russian murderer held by the Germans <>.
The Russian government continues to act, as Ms. Jean-Pierre said in August, in bad faith. [White House Press Briefing, August 1, 2022 <> ]

While the Russian government plays at silly buggers, Paul remains largely out of sight. He was once again removed from his labor colony, IK-17, and sent to the prison hospital up the road. He was surprised, as he did not need or request any medical attention. He was transferred on Friday, September 15. Paul has been able to speak to our parents once since then, as the "phones aren't working" at the prison. Since prison transfers happen on Fridays, we'll continue to watch each week to see when he returns. I wonder what Paul will find when he is eventually returned to IK-17, and how many other prisoners will have disappeared for Russia's war.