Day 19 - Paul Whelan - Lefortovo Prison Moscow - Update Jan 15, 2019 - still no Privacy Act Waiver

We heard from the U.S. Embassy staff today that they have a meeting scheduled with Paul on Thursday, the 17th.  The Irish consular staff have been approved for a visit by the Russian Foreign Ministry for tomorrow, January 16th, to see Paul.  We are looking forward to an update on his condition.  In particular, the US Embassy is hoping to proffer the Privacy Act waiver for Paul's signature, something they have not yet been allowed to do. 

There appear to be reports that members of his family are flying to Russia.  Just as before, those reports are false.  Neither his parents nor his siblings are flying to Russia, and we have no plans to fly to Russia. If that ever changes, we will be sure to let the media know.  We will continue to focus our resources on governmental action to bring Paul home.