Day 261 - Paul Whelan - Lefortovo Prison Moscow - Update September 17 - Paul tells media about set-up by FSB

On Tuesday, September 17, a hearing was held in Moscow to appeal the extension of Paul Whelan's detention in Lefortovo Prison to the end of October. Paul has clearly had enough, and spoke loudly, yelling over the judge who was reading out the decision to keep him in prison for 2 more months. Paul has now been in Lefortovo for close to 9 months.

Link to BBC's tweet/video of Paul yelling over judge:
Paul was also able to make statements about how he was set up by the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service, modern version of the KGB):

And a later video, of him making these remarks:

An interview from the same week with WTOP's JJ Green for his show Target USA, a national security podcast, included topics such as the Whelan family's struggle to be heard in DC, as well as the bipartisan resolution introduced that same day on Paul's behalf.
(Interview with Elizabeth Whelan is podcast #187, and JJ Green also talked to Paul's twin brother David Whelan some weeks prior about other details of Paul's situation -- podcast #186.)